Forest School:


"The children love Hannah's sessions, they look forward to it every week and as their teacher it is wonderful to see how creative they can be".

Teacher, Franche Primary School


"Seeing my class in Hannah's sessions makes me so proud, I see a side of them I don't see in the classroom- the way they work together, overcome disputes by themselves and the most reserved inside become the most explorative outside. I have learnt so much about them and it helps me plan my lessons to suit them better".

Teacher, Bromley Hills Primary School


"We are so lucky to have Forest School at our site. It gives the pupils a chance to let go and grow in their own way. I have been amazed at how the behaviour of some of our children has changed. The time to express themselves in the forest has done no end of good to their performance in the classroom".

Teaching assistant, King Charles I Secondary School


"It was wonderful to see the children exploring nature, having a go and working well as a team. Less confident children came alive during these sessions. Fire lighting and whittling were new experiences and the children persevered, developing new confidence and had lots of fun in a safe, happy environment. Very well led, definitely want to book again".

Teacher, Amblecote Primary School


"Forest School is the only lesson where I feel I can really be myself".
High school Pupil


“Our children have really grown in confidence since Open Trail started delivering Forest School here. It has also taught our staff about engaging our children in more outdoor activity”.
Group Leader


“They were presented with many emotional challenges, particularly for this group, and they all persevered and did well to overcome them”.
Teacher at Beacon PRU


"I cannot believe what Open Trail has been able to achieve”.

Teacher, Beacon PRU



Cycling Activities:


“I can’t believe she did it! She usually says no to everything, she worries what others will think but she’s done really well. I’m so grateful for the opportunity for all the kids, we can really use this to build on for their future development with us”.



“This is his niche! He hates the classroom, he doesn’t work well with other pupils but here he’s a different child. He has found it easy and has supported his classmates who struggle. It’s wonderful to see him feeling successful and proud, the best in the class with no adult help! I can’t wait to tell his mum!”.



“I was so nervous at the start, I’ve never liked bikes, or sports. It was fun and I actually feel proud that I completely ALLLL of the challenges. My heart is still racing, I can’t believe I did it”.

Year 8 pupil, Sandwell Academy


"There are 2 things I love in the world- swimming and cycling; swimming because I love the water and cycling because you teach us things that no other teacher can".

Year 6 pupil, Franche Primary School


"I heard really positive things about the practical session from both the students and staff and I know they all really enjoyed it. I think if you would maybe like to do something similar next year it would be perfect as a girls only session for both the talk and practical as I think your story resonated with a lot of the girls. I think your personal approach would really rub off." 
Teacher, Sandwell Academy.


"My kids have just loved her coaching session, they keep talking about how great is it and they cannot wait to come back for more".

Parent, Stourport Cycle Track


"Hannah is just the best coach! My children have been to so many other coaches but I've seen real progress with them and Hannah, she's really firm and demands results".

Parent, Stourport Cycle Track


"I CAN RIDE A BIKE! That's something I never thought I would say! My 10 year old son is so proud of me and now we cycle the park TOGETHER! I cannot believe I have missed out on having this much fun for so many years. Thank you so much Hannah".
Learn to ride adult


Inspirational Presentations:


"I was lucky enough to hear Hannah talk about her passion for cycling . Her passion, enthusiasm and love for the sport shone through despite the hardships and personal commitments She “dared to dream” and this has taken her to international recognition This was a truly remarkable insight into the hidden world of Mountain biking and the camaraderie and friendship that comes from sport and a team environment. If you ever get the chance to hear her talk, then take it."

Executive, Transport for West Midlands

“It’s so hard to inspire our girls and motivate our boys. We have meetings all the time to discuss it. Hannah manages it in one assembly! She explains how hard work can make your dreams come true.” 

Teacher, St Mathius Secondary School, Wolverhampton.

"I had some really great feedback from all the kids, they loved it! The videos used were fantastic, I’ve never seen year 7 so engaged!” 
Teacher, Sandwell Academy.

“Your presentation was really good, I know the students were talking about it and 4 cross for a while afterwards. It’s always good for the students to see new sports and activities that they can get involved in and it really kept their interest and got them excited”  
Teacher, Sandwell Academy.

“She shared some great training locations that are actually run by the council! We’re planning a trip in the summer to take our students there to give it a go… we hope Hannah can join us! I’m astounded at how enthused our girls are”  
Teacher, RSA Tipton.

“She naturally relates to the pupils; they were amazed to hear she’s ridden the secret tracks they’ve built with dirt and shovels! I didn’t know they were so creative! She explained how easy it was to access other tracks close to their home. She made her life feel so accessible to them…and you know what IT IS!” 
Teacher, RSA Tipton.

“Hannah gave a talk in December, we had barely seen one of our boys since October but he has been in every day since! Hannah’s story started at school and that seems to have made a big impact” 
Teacher, RSA Tipton.

"The most inspirational thing I've ever heard" 
Teacher, Wilden All Saints Primary

"I can't wait to have Hannah back again" 
Teacher, Bewdley High School

"Fantastic and inspirational presentation, Hannah. You should be on the stage (as as well on a bike)"

West Midlands Combined Authority staff

"That was really inspiring (and entertaining!) - I just need to blow the dust off my own dreams now!"

West Midlands Combined Authority staff

"Great talk. Really fun, inspirational, honest, different. It works"

West Midlands Combined Authority staff

Open Trail (registered charity: 1172191)


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